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Volume-5, Issue-2, 2016

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      Page No. 146-262

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Published by: Society For Science and Nature-(SFSN)

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Review Article

Role of nanomaterials in the development of biosensors
Y.K. Lahir*, M. Samant & P.M. Dongre
Department of Biophysics, Mumbai University, Vidyanagari, Kalina Campus, Santa Cruz (E), Mumbai-400 098, India
*Corresponding author: email:
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Research Article

The effects of type 2 Diabetes mellitus on the levels of glycated hemoglobin, testosterone, leptin and calcium in Iraqi male patients
Firas Salih Abdul Hadi & Ali Shalash Sultan
College of Science, Dept. Biology, Al-Mustansiriyah University, Iraq
[Full Article - PDF] Page No.164-170

Knowledge and attitudes of mothers toward newborn screening test in Baghdad city  
Waafa Faeuq Twfeeq & Luma Mohammed Abed
Middle Technical University / College of Health and Medical Technology/ Baghdad /Community Health Department/Iraq
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The location of the mesencephalic tectum in canine brain defects: a magnetic resonance imaging study
Aseel K. Hussein
Department of Surgery and Theriogenology, Veterinary College, Baghdad University, Iraq
Research was conducted in Small Animal Hopital/ Veterinary School / Glasgow University in 2014
[Full Article - PDF] Page No.177-181

Mother’s protein intake during the first 1000 days of a child, in Moyamba Township, Southern Sierra Leone
Mohamed Paul Ngegba1 & Abibatu Bah2
1 Department of Extension and Rural Sociology, School of Agriculture, Njala Campus, Nigeria
2Master Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, Institute of Food Technology Nutrition and Consumer Studies (IFTNCS), School of Agriculture, Njala University Njala Campus, Nigeria
s a part of Post Doctorate Research Project
[Full Article - PDF] Page No.182-193

Studying the expression of foxp3 in mice lymphoid organs treated with prednisolone and probiotic by immunohistochemical technique
Zainab K. Abed & Amina N. Jassim
Department of Biology, College of Science for Women, University of Baghdad, Iraq,
[Full Article - PDF] Page No.194-199
Effects of constant vs. fluctuating temperature on the growth and interactions of two bacterivorous nematode species
H.R. Raveendra1, Mahesh Kumar2, R. Venkappa3, P. Madhusudan1 & K.S. Shubhashree1
11Department of Plant Pathology, Zonal Agricultural Station, V.C. Farm, Mandya- 571 405, India,
2Department of Plant Pathology, College of Agriculture, UAS (B), G.K.V.K, Bangalore- 560 065, India,
3Department of Seed science & Technology, College of Agriculture, UAS (B), G.K.V.K, Bangalore- 560 065, Karnataka, India,
[Full Article - PDF] Page No.200-204
Factors limiting adoption of rice production technologies in Lokomasama Little Scarcies River mangrove swamp rice farming community
Mohamed Paul Ngegba
Department of Extension and Rural Sociology, School of Agriculture, Njala University, Njala Campus, Nigeria
[Full Article - PDF] Page No.205-222
Acute toxicity of Euphorbia royleana bark extract on freshwater catfish, Heteropneustes fossilis
ManiRam Prasad & Ajai K. Srivastav*
Department of Zoology, D.D.U. Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur 273009, India.
*Corresponding author: e-mail:
[Full Article - PDF] Page No.223-227
Specific IGE for H. Pylori and some immune factors in patients with dyspepsia
Shehab A. Lafi1, Aseel K. Husaien2 Yasin H. Majeed3
1Microbiology Department, College of Medicine Anbar University, West of Iraq.
2Anbar Maternity and Child Hospital, Ramadi, Anbar Governorate.
3Department of Medicine, College of Medicine Anbar University, West of Iraq.
[Full Article - PDF] Page No.228-232
Impact of foliar spray of calcium and magnesium on mulberry (Var. Goeshoerami) yield parameters
Sheetal Rani1, Noor-Ul-Din Sheikh1, R. Sharma1 M.R. Mir2 & Purviya Hans2
1Temperate Sericulture Research Institute, Mirgund, SKUAST-Kashmir, India
2 Department of Zoology, University of Jammu, Jammu-180 006, J&K, India
*Corresponding author: e-mail:
[Full Article - PDF] Page No.233-239
Assessment  the levels of heavy metals and water quality in Cikuda River, Indonesia
Yousif, Ramzy A1*, Masyamsir2, Dhahiyat3, Sunarto4, Zahidah5
1Departmen of Fisheries & Wildlife Science, Faculty of Animal Production Science &Technology, Sudan University of Science and Technology, P.O.BOX204, Khartoum, Sudan
2,3,4,5Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, University of  Padjadjaran, UNPAD Jl.21.Jatinangor, Indonesia
*Corresponding author email: /
[Full Article - PDF] Page No. 240-244
Biomonitoring of air pollution around urban and industrial sites of Washim City, (Maharashtra)
J.S. Ambhore & P. Ningdale
Botany Research Centre, Gokhale Education Society’s Arts, Commerce & Science College, Shrivardhan, Dist Raigad-402110
[Full Article - PDF] Page No. 245-246
Wood anatomy indices in revegetation of desertified areas
1*Adinde, J. O., 2Ajuziogu, G.C., 3Nwafor, B.C., 4Omeje, T.E., 4Uche, O. J., 5Anieke, U.J. 6Ukwuani, C. M., 4Agu, C. J. & 5Nwankwo, O. G.
1Department of Horticultural Technology, Enugu State Polytechnic, Iwollo, Enugu State, Nigeria
2Department of Plant science and Biotechnology, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria
3Department of Technology and Vocation Education, Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Enugu State, Nigeria.
4Department of Agricultural Technology, Enugu State Polytechnic, Iwollo, Enugu State, Nigeria
5Department of General Studies, Enugu State Polytechnic, Iwollo, Enugu State, Nigeria
6Department of Fishery Technology, Enugu State Polytechnic, Iwollo, Enugu State, Nigeria
*Corresponding author’s email:, Mobile: +2348093226982
[Full Article - PDF] Page No.247-252
The effects of plants extracts on fermentation and methane production under in vitro conditions
AbdulRahman Al-Hadeethi1*, Mevlüt Günal2, Diana Reyes3 & Amer AbuGhazaleh4
1Department of Animal Resource, College of Agriculture University of Bagdad, Bagdad, Iraq
2 Department of Animal Science, Süleyman Demirel University, Isparta 32200, Turkey
3Department of Animal Science, National University of Colombia, Bogota 110911, Colombia.
4Department of Animal Science, Food and Nutrition, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Il 62901, USA
*Corresponding author’s email:
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Case Study

Short Communication

Occurrence of Thosea sinensis Walker, coconut cup moth, (lepidoptera: limacodidae) on apple plantations (Malus domestica borkh.) For the first time in Jammu province of J&K state
Ruchie Gupta1 Ravinder Sharma2 & Sheetal Rani2
1Department of Zoology, University of Jammu, Jammu-180 006, J&K, India
2Temperate Sericulture Research Institute, Mirgund SKUAST-K, India
[Full Article - PDF] Page No. 261-262