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Volume-9, Issue-4, 2019

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      Page No.265-322

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Bio diversity of insects and their distribution pattern in Miyawaki plantation of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
aGoveanthan, A.S.,*bSugumaran, M.P., cBuvaneswaran, C., dRadhakrishnan, S., eJeyakumar, P. and fThangavel, P.
a,b &fDepartment of environmental Sciences, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
cIFGTB, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
dDepartment of Silviculture, FC & RI, Mettupalayam,Tamil Nadu, India
eDepartment of Crop Physiology, TNAU, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
*Corresponding author email:
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 265-269
Biochemical and biophysical characteristics of brinjal for resistance to shoot and fruit borer (Leucinodes orbonalis guenee)
aRameshkumar, D., b*Swarna Priya R., cMuthukrishnan, N., dRavikesavan, R. and eSavitha, B.K.
aPh. D Scholar, bProfessor and Head, Department of Vegetable Crops,
eAssistant professor,Department of Vegetable Crops, HC & RI, dProfessor and Head, Department of millets,
cProfessor Agricultural Entomology, TNAU, Coimbatore,India
*Corresponding author email id:
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 270-274
Screening of certain genotypes and advance cultures of groundnut against groundnut bruchid (Caryedon serratus O)
a*Manjunath, J., bManjula, K., cVasanthi, R.P., dNaik, K.S.S., bHariprasad, K.V., cMuralikrishna, T., cPrasad,  T.N.V.K.V., and bRavindra Reddy, B.
aRegional Agricultural Research Station, Nandyal-518502, Kurnool District, A.P. India
bS.V Agricultural College, Tirupati-517502,Chittoor District, A.P, India
cInstitute of Frontier Technologies, Regional Agricultural Research Station, Tirupati-517502, Chittoor District, A.P., India
dAgricultural Research Station, Kadiri-515591, Ananthapuramu Dist, A.P, India
*Corresponding Author E-mail:
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 275-279.
Debates around gm technology: challenges and opportunities of genetically modified crops in India
Reena K Joseph
Center for Studies in Science Technology and Innovation Policy, Central University of Gujarat, Sector 30, Gandhinagar - 382030, India
Corresponding author email:
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 280-283
Occurrence, classification, methods of fixation and outcome of long bone fractures in dogs: A review of 342 cases
Mohammed Arif Basha K., *Kiranjeet Singh, Aswathy Gopinathan, Sarangom S.B., Sowbharenya C., Swapna C.R., Sasikala R., Akshay K. and Naveen Kumar
Division of Surgery, ICAR-Indian Veterinary research Institute, Izatnagar, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, 243122, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 284-291
Performance of different cultivars of wheat (Triticum aestivum) on productivity and profitability under irrigated conditions of riverine trait of central U.P.
Khalil Khan, H.G. Prakash , D.P. Singh , Anil Kumar and B.P. Singh
C.S. Azad University of Agriculture and Technology, Kanpur – 208002, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 292-294
Sustainable management of physico-chemical properties of sodic land through organic amendments
Khalil Khan, H.G. Prakash , D.P. Singh , Anil Kumar and B.P. Singh
C.S. Azad University of Agriculture and Technology, Kanpur – 208002 India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 295-297
Comparative efficacy of liquid biofertilizers over carrier based formulations in sugarcane plant –Ratoon sequence
Ch. S. Rama Lakshmi*, A. Sireesha, T. Sreelatha, M. Bharatha Lakshmi & P. Jamuna
Anakapalle, Regional Agricultural Research Station, Anakapalle-531001, Acharya N G Ranga Agricultural University, Andhra Pradesh,India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 298-301
Zero cost technology for increasing the yield of Indian mustard
aR.A. Singh, bS.K. Srivastava, aSankar Singh, cI.P. Singh, aJitendra Singh and aRajesh Rai
aC.S. Azad  University of Agriculture and Technology, Kanpur (U.P.), India
bICAR- Central Institute for Women Agriculture, Odisha, India
cK.V.K., Auraiya (U.P.) India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 302-304
Effect of integrated nutrient management on growth and seed yield of field pea (Pisum sativum L)
*Mahesh Chand Sutar & Hukam Singh Kothyari
Department of Genetics & Plant Breeding and Seed Science & Technology, Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology & Sciences, Allahabad – 211007, U.P. India
*Corresponding author email:
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 305-308.
Antibacterial, antioxidant and phytochemical analysis of ripe and unripe banana peel
aVaishali Dange, bSanjay Harke, cMansi Narladkar, dAjay Narwade and eAnruni Mohanty
aAssistant Professor, Institute of Biosciences and Technology, M.G.M. University, Aurangabad, India
bDirector, Institute of Biosciences and Technology, M.G.M. University, Aurangabad, India
c,d,eUG Students, Institute of Biosciences and Technology, M.G.M. University, Aurangabad, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 309-317

Evaluation of mechanical and chemical weed management in rice
Gangwar, S. K. & Reyaz Ahmad
KVK, Madhopur, (RPCAU) West Champaran, Bettiah, Bihar, India
Corresponding Authors email:
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 318-322

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