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Volume-6, Issue-2, 2017

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Review Article

Exploitation of heterosis using male sterility in Vegetable crops
S. K. Gangwar1, Rahul Kumar2*, Nitish Ranjan Prakash2, and Lal Bahadur Singh3
1Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agriculture University, Samastipur, PUSA, Bihar, India
2* Division of Vegetable Science,
3Division of Genetics & Biotechnology, (NRCPB), ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi – 110012, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 177-183

Research Article

Population dynamics of fruit and shoot borers on okra in relation to climatic conditions of northern dry zone of Karnataka
D. Siddartha*, Y.K. Kotikal, Venkateshalu and Sanjiv Durdundi
Dept. of Entomology, College of Horticulture, University of Horticultural Sciences, Bagalkot - 587 104. India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 184-190
Urinary nephrin and urinary MCP-1 biomarkers predicts the progression of diabetic nephropathy in type 2 diabetic patient
Dalia Mahmood Khalaf1 , Refif Sabih Jamal Al-Shawk2 , Isam Noori Salman Al-Karawi3
1,2Department of Microbiology/ College of Medicine / Al-Mustansiriya University
3Consultant Physician/ Diabetes Center/ Al-Mustansiriya University
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 191-197
Effect of Helicobacter pylori infection on cancer stem cell marker (CD133) in colorectal cancer
Mayadah Mohammed Ridha Abdul-Razzaq1 , Zainab Fadhel Ashoor2 , Wasan Abdul-ilah Bakir3
1,2Department of Microbiology / College of Medicine / Al-Mustansiriya University
3Department of Microbiology / Iraqi Center of Cancer and Medical Genetic Research / Al-Mustansiriya University, Iraq.
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 198-205
Effect of temperature stress on physiological and biochemical parameters of rice transgenics
Sheela, H.S., Prasad, T.G. and Chandrashekara Reddy, P.
Department of Crop physiology, UAS, GKVK, Bengaluru , India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 206-211
Effect of mealybug-ants association on parasitoid, Aenasius bambawalei hayat (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) in Vadodara, Gujarat, India
Anita Singh* & Dolly Kumar
Division of Entomology, Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science, M. S. University of Baroda, Vadodara-390002, Gujarat, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 212-216
Awareness of homemakers on the medicinal values of commonly used spices
R. Geetha1 , D. Vijayarani2 and B. Karunai Selvi 3
1Department of Commerce, V.V.Vanniaperumal College for Women, Virudhunagar – 626001, Tamil Nadu, India
2Department of Home Science, V.V.Vanniaperumal College for Women, Virudhunagar – 626001, Tamil Nadu, India
3Department of Botany, V.V.Vanniaperumal College for Women, Virudhunagar – 626001, Tamil Nadu, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 217-220
Natural occurrence of cucumber mosaic virus in chilli ( Capsicum annuum L.) In Southern Telangana zone of Andhra Pradesh
V. Govardhan Rao 1, P.V. Ramana2

Plant pathology, College of Horticulture, Dr.YSR. Horticultural University, Ullibhadra-villege, Gorugumilli road, Parvathipuram town, Vijayanagaram-Dist, pin-535501, Andhra Pradesh, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 221-223
Determination of water quality index and physico-chemical parameter value of the River Ganga at Phaphamau, Allahabad
Beenu Tripathi* & D.N. Shukla
Bhargava Agricultural Laboratory, Department of Botany, University of Allahabad, Allahabad-211002, Uttar Pradesh, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 224-228
Growth parameters, yield attributes, yield and quality of chickpea ( Cicer arietinum L.) As influenced by depth and interval of drip irrigation
Muniyappa*, Mudalagiriyappa, G.K. Halesh, B. K. Ramachandrappa, Nagaraju & A. Sathish
Department of Agronomy, UAS, GKVK, Bangalore-560065, (Karnataka), India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 229-233
Evaluation of forage sorghum brown midrib lines for quality biomass production
Pummy Kumari1 , S.K. Pahuja1 , Ravish Panchta1 , Satyawan Arya1, Satpal 1, Jayanti Tokas 2and C. Aruna3
1Forage Section, Dept. of Genetics and Plant Breeding, College of Agriculture,
2Dept. Of Biochemistry, College of Basic Sciences and Humanities, Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, Haryana, India
3Indian Institute of Millets Research, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 234-239
Growth, yield and economics of sunflower as influenced by different weed management practices
Rohini N. Meti1* , K. N. Geetha1 , A.G. Shankar2, A.S. Prathima1 , & Jagadish1
1Department of Agronomy, UAS, GKVK, Bangalore-560065, Karnataka, India
2Department of Crop Physiology, UAS, GKVK, Bangalore-560065, Karnataka, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 240-244
Seasonal incidence of sucking pests on okra
D. Siddartha*, Y.K. Kotikal, Venkateshalu & Sanjiv Durdundi
*Ph. D. (Hort.), Dept. of Entomology, College of Horticulture, University of Horticultural Sciences, Bagalkot - 587 104.India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 245-250
Subchronic toxicology study of orally administrated diethanolamine in mice kidney
Hamsa Tariq Abdl-Razzaq & Muhammed Nafea Ali Al- Azzawi
Department of Biology, College of science, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 251-258
Effect of terracing on soil erosion in high altitude Trans-Himalayan Region-(Leh-Ladakh) of J&K
Phuntsog Tundup 1* , Ngawang Dorjey2 , Sonam Dawa3
1Division of Soil Science , 3Divisions of FMAP, SKUAST-K, Shalimar-190025, India
2SRF, CAZRI, Leh India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 259-262
Evaluation of different insecticides against arecanut nut borer, Tirathaba sp. nr.rufivena (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)
B.K Shivanna, Sharanabasappa Deshmukh, M. Basavaraja & K. N. Ashrith
Entomology Section, Arecanut Research Centre, Shimoga-577225, Karnataka , India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 263-266
Haematological, serum biochemical alterations and efficacy of different therapeutic regimens in haemorrhagic gastro-enteritis with special reference to canine parvo virus infection
S. Dash* , M.R. Das, S. Sathapathy 1 , R.C. Patra, S.K. Senapati and G.R. Jena
Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine, Ethics and Jurisprudence,
1Veterinary Anatomy and Histology, C.V.Sc. and A. H., OUAT, Bhubaneswar – 751 003 India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 267-271
Effect of fermented fish silage manure on the growth and yield of okra ( Abelmoschus esculentum (L.) Moench )
S. Tanuja* & S.K. Nayak
ICAR-Central Institute for Women in Agriculture, Plot No. 50-51, Mouza - Jokalandi, P.O. - Baramunda, Bhubaneswar - 751003, Odisha, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 272-274
Studies on the alterations of hormonal and biochemical parameters and conception rate in cyclic black Bengal goats ( Capra hircus ) by using different hormonal protocols
K. C. Dehury* , B. K. Patra, S. Sathapathy1 , K. Nayak and S.S. Naik2
Department of Animal Reproduction, Gynaecology and Obstetrics,
1Anatomy and Histology and
2 Veterinary Microbiology, C.V.Sc. & A.H., OUAT, Bhubaneswar – 751 003, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 275-280
An empirical study on the performance of dairy enterprise for sustainable development of farming community
B. Laxmi1, Sangappa2& K.S. Kadian 3
1National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (NDRI, Karnal) Hyderabad, India
2ICAR- Indian Institute of Millet Research, Hyderabad, India
3National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 281-284
Efficacy of bensulfuron methyl + pretilachlor against weeds in transplanted rice
Ramu Lodhi , Anay Rawat and A. K. Jha, Jitendra Dubey
Department of Agronomy, JNKVV, 482004, M. P. India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 285-288
Efficacy of eco-friendly pesticides on the management of diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella ( L.) on cabbage, brassica oleracea, Var. Capitata ( L . )
S.L. Jat, Shafaat Ahmad, Ramawtar Yadav* , M.P. Chula & R.S. Nitharwal
Department of Entomology, Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture Technology & Science, Allahabad-211007, India
*College of Agriculture, SKRAU, Bikaner-334006 , India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 289-295
Studies on genetic diversity in blackgram ( Vigna mungo L. Hepper) germplasm
Y.Vinod Kumar Reddy*, Sapna S.Lal and Gabrial M.Lal
Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding, Naini Agricultural Institute, Sam Higginbottom University of Agriculture, Technology & Sciences, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, 211007, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 296-302
Isolate and identification of Pseudomonas aeruginosa from contaminated soil with hydrocarbons discharged from gas filling refineries
Nahla Shadeed Ajeel1 , Ahmed Jasim Mohammed2
1Envioromental engineering department, College of engineering / University of Baghdad, Iraq
2Biology department, College of sciences / University of Baghdad, Iraq
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 303-308
Somatic embryogenesis in strawberry ( Fragaria ananassa ) var. Camarosa
Swapnil Gorakh Waghmare* , Komal Ramchandra Pawar, Ramling Tabe
VSBT College of Agricultural Biotechnology, MPKV, Rahuri, Maharashtra, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 309-313
Genetic variability, heritability, genetic advance and correlation studies among quantitative traits in okra [ Abelmoschus esculentus (L.)Moench]
Mahesh Badiger 1* , M. Pitchaimuthu 2 and Parvati Pujer3

1Division of Vegetable Science, ICAR- Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi - 110012 India
2Division of Vegetable Crops, ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bangalore- 560089 India
3Department of biotechnology and crop improvement, University of Horticultural Sciences, Bagalkot - 587104 India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 314-319
A multicenter study in Saudi Arabia to assess childhood nephrotic syndrome and its relationship to NPHS1 gene mutation
Burhan M. Edrees
Department of pediatrics, Medical College, Umm Al-Qura University, Saudi Arabia
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 320-323
Evaluation the changes in salivary elements (ZN, CU, NI, MG, MN and total antioxidant level) and some hematological parameter in rheumatoid arthritis disease
Suha T. Abd , Wasan L. Abdulla, Vean S. Ali, Zainab G. Oleiwi, Khalid H. Gathwan, Eaman A. Salman

Department of Basic Science, College of Dentistry, University of Baghdad, Iraq
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 324-327
Anatomical properties of two thornless bamboos ( Bambusa balcooa and Bambusa vulgaris )
N. Krishnakumar 1 , S. Umesh Kanna2 & K.T. Parthiban1

1Department of Agroforestry, Forest College and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Mettupalayam – 641 301 , India
2Department of Tree Breeding, Forest College and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Mettupalayam – 641 301, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 328-331
Cultivation of strawberry ( Fragaria × ananassa Duch.) Cv. chandler as affected by bio and inorganic fertilizers under open conditions
Pankaj Changotra, Danish Bashir2 , Shabber Hussain2& Amarjeet Kaur 1
1Department of Horticulture Faculty of Agriculture Khalsa College Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar,Punjab, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 332-343
Purification, characterization and application of a yellow laccase from Abortiporus biennis MTCC-1176
Manisha Sharma, Deepika Jaiswal, Sarita Yadav*, Sudha Yadava and K.D.S. Yadav
Department of Chemistry, D.D.U. Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur 273009, Uttar Pradesh, India
*Corresponding author email:
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 344-351
Perceived problems of production and marketing of value added fish and fish products in Assam- an exploratory study
Pradip Ch. Bhuyan 1* , Chandan Goswami2 and Bipul Kumar Kakati1
1College of Fisheries, Assam Agricultural University, Raha, Nagaon, Assam -782 103, India
2Department of Business Administration, Tezpur University, Tezpur, Assam-784 028, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 352-356
Genetic variability studies for quantitative traits of maintainer (b) lines in pearl millet [ Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br.]
P.S. Basavaraj1* , B.D. Biradar2 & Ramya Rathod3
1College of agriculture and RARS Vijayapura,
2University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, Karnataka-586101, India
3PJTSAU, Hyderabad
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 357-362
The yield performance of hybrid rice (DRRH-3) in agency area of Rampachodavarm, A.P.
V. Govardhanrao and P. Venkata Ramana
Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Dr.YSR.Horticulture University, Pandirimamidi, East Godavari , India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 363-365
Introduction of sorghum new variety CSV-15 in agency tracts of east godavari of andhra pradesh
V. Govardhan Rao, P. Venkata Ramana

Krishi Vigyan Kendra Pandirimamidi, Rampachodavaram, East Godavari, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 366-368
Negative energy balance indicators as predictors for milk production in high yielding Murrah buffaloes
A. Nagarjuna Reddy 1, Ch. Venkata Seshiah 2 , K. Sudhakar3 , D. Srinivasa Kumar 4 , P. Ravi Kanth Reddy5*
1Dept. of Livestock Production and Management, NTRCVSc, SVVU, Gannavaram, A.P – 521 102, India
2Dept. of ILFC, NTRCVSc, SVVU, Gannavaram, A.P – 521 102, India
3Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Guntur - 522 034, Andhra Pradesh, India
4Dept. of Animal Nutrition, NTRCVSc, SVVU, Gannavaram, A.P – 521 102, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 369-373
Standardization of specific media for phytophthora infestans
Bhimanagoud Kumbar
Department of P G studies and Research in Biotechnology, Jnanasahyadri, Kuvempu University, Shankaraghatta, Shimoga – 577451, Karnataka, India
Corresponding author email:
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 374-376
Immunopathological study in mice reproductive system infected with salmonella enteritis
Salema, L.H
Department of Pathology and Diseases, College of Vet. Medicine, University of Baghdad,Iraq
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 377-382

Case Study

Echinococcosis: current Indian scenario
S.L. Moon and S.S. Khemalapure
Department of Veterinary Public Health, Bombay Veterinary College, Parel, Mumabi-400012 India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 383-389
Organic farming of vegetables: prospects and scenario
Rahul Kumar 1* , Saurabh Singh 2 , K Rama Krishna3 , Archana Anokhe 4 & Nitish Ranjan Prakash5
Ph.D. Scholar, 1,2* Department of Vegetable Science,
3 Division of food science and post harvest technology,
4Division of Entomology, 5Division of Genetics, ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi - 110012 , India
*Corresponding author's email:
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 390-394
Surgical management of amputation of pes region in cow affected with chronic osteomyelitis
C. Bhuyan, S. Sathapathy *, S.K. Joshi1 , S.S. Biswal 2 and I. Ali 3
Department of Anatomy and Histology,
1Scientist (Animal Science), KVK, Ganjam – 1, OUAT, Bhanjanagar , India
2Department of Gynaecology and Obstretics,
3Department of Veterinary Pathology, C.V.Sc. & A.H., OUAT, Bhubaneswar – 751 003 , India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 395-397

Short Communication

Therapeutic management of sarcoptic mange in rabbit- a case report
Brejesh Singh, Devendra Gupta, Amita Tiwari and P.C. Shukla
College of Veterinary Science and A.H., Jabalpur, N.D.V.S.U, Jabalpur (M.P.) - 482001, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 398-399
Changes in glucose concentration in sahiwal cows reaching to estrus
Deepika D. Caesar, Jyotsana Shakkarpude*, H.S. Singh, A. Mishra and M.S. Thakur
Department of Veterinary Physiology and Biochemistry, College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry Rewa-486001, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 400-401
Inter-relationship of haematological parameters with reproductive pattern during double PGF 2 ? protocol in crossbred cows
J. Shakkarpude 1* , D.D. Caesar 2 , H. S. Singh3 , A. Mishra3 , A. Jain 1 & M. S. Kushwah 1
1Department of Veterinary Physiology, College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry, Mhow (MP), India
2Department of Veterinary Physiology, College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry, Rewa (MP), India
33 Department of Veterinary Physiology, College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry, Jabalpur (MP), India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 402-403
Surgical management of dystocia in a barking deer ( Muntiacus muntjac ): a case report
C. Bhuyan, S. Sathapathy* , S.K. Joshi1 , S.S. Biswal2 and S. Mahapatra3
Deptt. of Veterinary Anatomy and Histology, 2 Department of Veterinary Gynaecology and Obstetrics, C.V.Sc. & A.H., OUAT, Bhubaneswar – 751 003 India
1 Scientist (Animal Science), KVK, Ganjam – 1, OUAT, Bhanjanagar Deptt. of Veterinary Physiology, C.V.Sc. & A.H., Pondicherry , India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 404-405