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Volume-7, Issue-2, 2018

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      Page No. 209-311

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Published by: Society For Science and Nature-(SFSN)

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Floristic composition and pollen morphology of Nayachar: A newly developed estuarine island of West Bengal, India
C. Bhunia, K. Bera, P. Shit, B. Bera, A. Ghosh, U. Layek and P. Karmakar*
Palynology and   Reproductive Biology Section, Department of Botany & Forestry, Vidyasagar University, Midnapore 721102, West Bengal, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 209-219
Isotherm and kinetic study of the adsorption of different dyes from aqueous solution using banana peel by two different methods
Zaidun Naji Abudi1*, Farkad Ali Lattieff2, Tasnim Fahem Chyad1, Mohammed Nsaif Abbas1
1Environmental Engineering Department, Al-Mustansiryiah University, Baghdad, Iraq
2Baghdad University, Al-Khwarizmi College of Engineering, Biochemical Engineering Department, Baghdad, Iraq
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 220-229
Effect of crop establishment methods and integrated nutrient management practices on nutrient uptake and quality attributes of rice (Oryza Sativa L.)
R. K. Chandankutte, R. N. Meena, V. K. Verma* and R. K. Singh
Department of Agronomy, Institute of agricultural sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi -221005 (UP) India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 230-233
Wide occurrence of manganese peroxidase in plants
Meera Yadav1, K.S. Yadav2, Pratibha Yadav3*, Dinesh Yadav4 and K D S Yadav5
1Department of Chemistry, NERIST Nirjuli, Itanagar, India, 791109
2Department of Chemistry, SIIT, Hakkabad, Gorakhpur-273001 India
3CRDT,IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016,India
4Department of Biotechnology, DDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur-273009 India
5Department of Chemestry, DDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur-273009 India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 234-238
Impact of post harvest chemical dipping and wax coating on colour and texture of the apple fruits infected with sooty blotch and fly speck disease complex
Sabiha Ashraf1, N. A. Qazi, Nasreen Fatima2, R. Sharma1, Vaseema Yousuf3 and Z.A. Badri4
1Temperate Sericulture Research Institute, S.K. University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Kashmir, India
2KVK Kargil, S.K. University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Kashmir, India
3KVK Budgam, S.K. University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Kashmir, India
4KVK Melandpora, S.K. University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Kashmir, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 239-241
Extremely Halophilic Archaea and Eubacteria are responsible for free radical scavenging activity of solar salts of Goa – India
Jyothi J Alvares1 and Irene J Furtado2*
1,2 Department of Microbiology, Goa University, Taleigao Plateau, Goa- 403206, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 242-254
Anti-fungal effects of ginger rhizome extracts on mycelial growth of some fungal pathogens of Dioscorea rotundata in Taraba State, Nigeria
Aji, P.O. 1*& Tunwari, B. A. 2
1*Department of Biological Science, Federal University Wukari, Katsina - Ala Road, P.M.B. 1020, Wukari, Taraba State, Nigeria.
2Department of Crop Production and Protection, Federal University Wukari, Katsina - Ala Road, , P.M.B. 1020, Wukari, Taraba State, Nigeria.
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 255-261
Acid black-1 and zinc induced changes in the zinc dynamics in the tissues of Labeo rohita (Hamilton)
Ramandeep Kaur and Arvinder Kaur*
Department of Zoology, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab, 143005, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 262-267
Histopathological changes in internal organs of albino mice treated with silver nano particle after infected by B. Melitensis
Tasnim T.M 1, Eman H. Y. 1, Bashair, A.A.2 & Salema L Hasan
1Department of Pathology and Poultry Diseases, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Baghdad Iraq
2Research and Veterinary laboratories \Ministry of Agriculture
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 268-275
Antimicrobial effect of pencillium Sp.of yellow pigments against some bacterial and fungal strains
Supreet Kaur, Nidhi arora and Sawinder Kaur
Department of Biotechnology, Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 276-279
Isolation and identification of red pigmented bacterium from soil and study on its pigment production under physical and chemical stress
R.P. Desai1* & P.B. Desai2
1Department of Microbiology, Dolat-Usha Institute of Applied Sciences and Dhiru-Sarla Institute of Management & Commerce, Gujarat, India
2Shri Ram Krishnan Institute of Computer Education and Applied Sciences, Gujarat, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 280-285
Prevalence of gastrointestinal helminthes in cattle of Baghdad city
*Malak Ali Fadhel & May Hameed Kawan
Parasitology Department, College of Veterinary Medicine, Baghdad University, Baghdad, Iraq
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 286-290
Evaluation of biofertilizers and hormonal rooting (nursery and field) in jatropha curcas l.   
Antolín Silvestre Martiñón Martínez1, Jorge García Dávila2*, Jesús Piña Guillén1, José Luís Leana Acevedo1, Saúl Tlecuitl Beristain2, Conrado Castro Bravo1
1Engineering Department in Agricultural Biotechnology, Universidad Tecnológica de Izúcar de Matamoros.  Izúcar de Matamoros, Puebla, México.
2Department of Biotechnology, Universidad Politécnica de Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala, México.
*Corresponding author email:
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 291-296
Influence of abiotic and biotic factors on the population dynamics of mustard aphid, lipaphis erysimi (kalt.) And pollinators associated with the mustard crop
Jyoti Raina
Department of Entomology, GBPUAT, Pantnagar (Uttarakhand), India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 297-301

Case Study

Protected cultivation of ornamentals
Divya Slathia1, Madinat Ul Nisa2, Monica Reshi3, Tsering Dolkar4 and Sharafat Hussain5

1Division of Floriculture and Landscape Architecture, SKUAST Kashmir, India
2Division of Floriculture and Landscape Architecture, SKUAST Kashmir, India
3Division of FST, SKUAST-Kashmir, India
4Division of Fruit Science, SKUAST Kashmir, India
5Division of Vegetable Sciences, SKUAST Kashmir, India
[Full Article.PDF] Page No. 302-311

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