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Aim of Society

  • The cultivation and promotion of Science and technology in all its branches.
  • To publish such proceedings, Journals, memoirs, transactions and other works as may be considered desirable.
  • To promote scientific and technological research concerned with the problems of the national welfare.
  • To undertake, through property constituted committees and bodies, such scientific work of technological or public importance as it may be called upon to perform.
  • To co-operate with other organizations in India and abroad, having similar objects, and to appoint representatives of the society to act on national and international bodies.
  • To create an adequate impact of the society all over the country, it may open chapters of the society in other cities in the country, where reasonable numbers of scientists are interested.
  • Environmental disasters like earth quake, floods, heavy rains, fire accidents and famine etc. -Rehabilitations of the people effected with the above natural calamities and help them out in their re-establishment.
  • To bring awareness about the deadly disease such as T.B., Aids, Malaria, Polio, Hepatitis etc., and arrange for the vaccination etc.
  • For dislodging of the increasing population, pollution and other environmental problems, plantation of trees and the ensuring of safety of the environments, educating the public.
  • Organization of the health programme run by the Govt. organisation and improving the health of the urban and semi urban areas and ensuring cleanliness.
  • Establishment of various educational and technical institutions for educating the public through education about the development of the education in the rural and urban areas.
  • To try for the self dependent of the general public and to remove the un-employment in the society and for this purpose conducting of various seminars or programmes etc.
  • To give importance on educational development of the downtrodden and poor section of the society and co-operation with the development of the girls in the rural and urban areas.
  • Establishment of the libraries, book-stall etc., free of cost to inculcate habit of the ethics and to develop brotherhood among the public.
  • To promote the Growing of Ayurvedic and natural medicines plants and giving information about their uses to the general people and farmers.
  • Organising of the annual meeting, programmes conducted by the social welfare Dept., U.P., Central and State advisory boards, NABARD, KAPART, ABRD, Human Resources Development ministry and social justice.
  • For the development of the agricultural programmes, the agricultural machineries, seeds, irrigation sources and other resources useful for the agriculture and as developed by the U.P. Govt. the organisation of the concerned will take care of the programmes and bring awareness in the minds of the farmers to develop their produce.