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Volume-4, Issue-3, 2015

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      Page No. 224-329

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Published by: Society For Science and Nature-(SFSN)

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Review Article

Lipid oxidation in biological systems: biochemical, biological & biophysical aspects
Y. K. Lahir
Department of Biophysics, University of Mumbai, Santa Cruz (E), Mumbai-400098, MS, India
[Full Article - PDF] Page No. 224-233

Research Article

Genotyping of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from Iraqis patients
Sabah Saad Abdulsahib1, Abdul Kareem Abdulrazak Al-kazaz2, Mohammad A. Al-Faham3
1Department of Biology, University College of Madenat Alelem, Baghdad, Iraq
2Department of Biotechnology, College of Science, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
3Department of Microbiology, College of Medicine, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq
[Full Article - PDF] Page No. 234-238
Quantitative estimation of haemolymph protein during different days of v instar larvae in bivoltines, multivoltines and mutants of the Bombyx mori
Shivkumar & G. Subramanya
Department of Studies in Sericulture, University of Mysore, Mysore – 570006, Karnataka, India
[Full Article - PDF] Page No. 239-241
Evaluation of neem plant parts extract on egg hatching of Meloidogyne incognita
Naresh Nayak & J.L. Sharma
P.G. Department of Botany, Government College, Kota, Rajasthan, India.
[Full Article - PDF] Page No. 242-246
Study on toxic effects of neonicotinoid insecticide imidacloprid exposure in chick embryos
Muktyaz Hussein1, Vishram Singh,1 Birendra Yadav2, Singh A.K.3, Hassan, M.A.4 & Rakesh Pathak2
1Department of Anatomy, Santosh Medical College, Santosh University, Ghaziabad U.P. India.
2Department of Physiology, Govt. Medical College Ambedkar Nagar, U.P. India.
3Department of Anatomy, Govt. Medical College Ambedkar Nagar, U.P. India.
4Department of Com.Medicine, Govt. Medical College Ambedkar Nagar,U.P. India.
[Full Article - PDF] Page No. 247-251
Study of economically viable farming system model for marginal farmers in central plain zone of Uttar Pradesh, India 
Naushad Khan, Mayank Dubey & U. S. Tiwari
Deptt. of Agronomy, CSA University of Agri. And Tech, Kanpur
[Full Article - PDF] Page No. 252-254
Foraging behavior of Apis florea fabricius during winter and spring- summer in Bankura and Paschim Medinipur Districts, West Bengal
U. Layek, R. K. Bhakat & P. Karmakar
Department of Botany & Forestry, Vidyasagar University, Midnapore- 721102, India.
Corresponding Author’s email:
[Full Article - PDF] Page No. 255-263
Effect of tomato juice added to different ratio of camel hen meat on the chemical composition of processed burger
Sadia M. Al-Jumaily
Department of Animal Resources, College of Agriculture, University of Baghdad, Iraq
[Full Article - PDF] Page No. 264-267
Effect of months on levels of some hematological parameters of Iraqi one- humped female camels (Camelus dromedarius) Yassen Taha
Abdul-Rahaman, Saad Thabit Jassim & Ali Abedel Fatah Omar
Collage of Veterinary Medicine\ University of Fallujah\Iraq
[Full Article - PDF] Page No. 268-271
Effect of serum and seminal amh on sperm production for oligozoospermic and azoospermic men
Asmehan Adnan AI-LNaqeeb1 & Muhammed  Baqir M- R.Fakhrildin2
1Department of basic and medical science\college of Nursing \Universty of Baghdad, Iraq
2Jabir ibn Hayyan medical University, Iraq
[Full Article - PDF] Page No. 272-276
Predictive efficiency of ultrasound scanning and plasma progesterone assay for detection of early pregnancy and embryonic mortality in cattle
K.K. Hadiya, A.J. Dhami*, B.B. Nakrani, J.A. Patel & N.P. Sarvaiya
Department of Animal Reproduction Gynecology & Obstetrics, College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry
Anand Agricultural University, Anand-388 001, Gujarat, India.
*Corresponding author email:
[Full Article - PDF] Page No. 277-281
Bioactivity of Leonotis nepetifolia and Ocimum gratissimum extracts in management of Tetranychus urticae Koch on French beans
Kennedy O. Ogayo1, Joshua O. Ogweno1*;, Jane G. Nyaanga1, Joshua O. Ogendo1, Isabel N. Wagara2 & Sylvans O. Ochola1
1Dept. of Crops, Horticulture and Soils, Egerton University, P.O. Box 536-20115, Egerton, Kenya
2Dept. of Biological Sciences, Egerton University, P.O. Box 536-20115, Egerton, Kenya
*Corresponding author email:
[Full Article - PDF] Page No. 282-286
Evaluation of melatonin, and adipokines in patients with Alzheimer’s disease
Entedhar  Rifaat  Sarhat
Department of Biochemistry /Dentistry College, University of Tikrit, Iraq
[Full Article - PDF] Page No. 287-295
Soil quality under basaltic landforms of Rahat Watershed, Maharashtra
Stanzin Lakdan, S.S. Balpande, A.R. Mhaske & R.M. Ghodpage
College of Agriculture, Dr. PDKV, Nagpur, India.
[Full Article - PDF] Page No. 296-299
Minimax and semi-minimax estimators for the parameter of the inverted exponential distribution under general entropy loss function
Nadia H. Al-Noor  & Suzan Furman Bawi
1Dept. of Mathematics, College of Science, AL-Mustansiriya University, Baghdad-Iraq
[Full Article - PDF] Page No. 300-306
Screening of microorganism for industrial production
S. Maragathavalli*, S.V. Megha, S. Brindha, V. Karthikeyan & B. Annadurai
Research and development centre, BharathiyarUniversity, Coimbatore-641 041, India.
*Corresponding author email:
[Full Article - PDF] Page No. 307-313
Use of fungi isolated from textile effluent for degradation of synthetic dyes and optimization of degradation process
Y. B. Phatake, R. J. Marathe & M. S. Shejul
Department of Microbiology, S.P. College Shardanagar, Baramati, Maharashtra, 413115
[Full Article - PDF] Page No. 314-319

Case Study

A promising alternative to fish oil source of omega 3 production: role of algae
Meenakshi Bhattacharjee
Department of Biosciences, Rice University, 6100 Main St. Houston TX 77005, USA.
[Full Article - PDF] Page No. 320-325
Biodiversity indices of terrestrial fauna associated with the gulf of Kachchh Marine National Park of Pirotan Island
K. Ramkumaran1*, J.S. Yogesh Kumar1, R. Chandran1, G. Arun1, Ch.Satyanarayana2 and K.Venkataraman3
1Zoological Survey of India – Jamnagar Field station, India
2Zoological Survey of India, (II Floor), Fire Proof Spirit Building, Indian Museum Complex, 27, Jawagarlal Nehru Road, Kolkata – 700 016, India.
3Zoological Survey of India, M-Block, New Alipore, Kolkata – 700 053, India.
*Corresponding author:
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Short Communication